Getting Over, Getting Lost

Being free from crushes isn’t what I thought it would be.


I thought I won’t get over you.

I thought fate was cruel that I have to keep on seeing you again and again– always at the same time of the year.

Then he came.

One day, I realized someone else was occupying my mind and I wasn’t interested with how you were doing anymore.

But another problem came. He wasn’t the type of guy I wanted to like.

He was dangerous, so to speak, the type of guy who plays in the field.

And so this became another situation where I wanted out.

Yesterday, when I saw him again, I realized I don’t care about him anymore. And then I realized I don’t care about the two of you anymore.

It was freedom! I knew it was.

So tell me, why do I feel so lost?

But what if… I just like the idea of having someone?