Something About Me

This is a random thing about my attitude in blogging… and a little about me.


I like blogs. What I hate is my attitude on them.

At first, I’d write to express myself. But once I start to get views and likes, I’d suddenly crave them, and then the following write-ups would be made just to impress.

And it annoys me. I started this blog to express my thoughts, not to please the people who will read my words, but the more the likes feed my ego, the more my words become controlled.

I suddenly feel they’re not me.

This write-up is another attempt to make my words real. This should be enough to talk sense into me, to bring me back to where I was before my ego craved attention.

So hello once again, I am Tori. This is not my real name but the words I use very much represent me.

Ironically, staying hidden is the only key for me to stay true to myself.

Can words represent someone accurately if they are loved to be played with?

Author: mindORheart

You'll know who I am if you know where to look.

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